Dean of Faculty of Materials Engineering

Name:-Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahim Kazem Abdul Ali

Academic certificates:

  • Bachelor’s degree/Iraq/1997
  • Master’s degree / Iraq / 2000
  • PhD / Iraq / 2008

Dean's speech

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

The College of Materials Engineering is a leading institution in the field of materials engineering, contributing to knowledge advancement through scientific research and academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Materials engineering involves understanding material structures, properties, and behaviors at various levels and conditions, guiding the selection and enhancement of materials for different applications. The college aims to collaborate with universities, companies, and research institutions, introducing new specializations and meeting global evaluation criteria. It prioritizes alumni communication, creating a mutual system for growth and development. The college excels in scientific expertise, publishing, patents, and modern laboratories, staying updated with global scientific progress.

Ph Dr.Abdul Rahim Kazem Abdul Ali

Dean Faculty of Materials Engineering